All members and new applicants must hold a valid AMA or MAAC approved membership and number. Can these be linked directly to the application form for each of these sites.

Rules for the flying site as follows
1. Model aircraft will not be flown:
(a) In a reckless or careless manner
(b) In a NO-FLY ZONE over the parking lot, or over the pits
(c) No one will operate a model aircraft while under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs

2. Model aircraft pilots will Follow all AMA safety rules and practices for model aircraft operations and:
(a) Yield the right of way to all human-carrying aircraft.
(b) Fly in the established pattern, or in an area away from other aircraft in the pattern
(c) Announce all takeoffs and landings and other airplane movements such as taxi, touch and go, in a loud voice
(d) Helicopters, quadcopters and similar aircraft MUST fly the pattern or operate at the West end of the field south of the runway and west of the parking lot. They may be flown over the field if alone in the pattern.
(e) No taxi of aircraft in the pits
(f) Announce in a loud voice when walking out onto the field to recover an airplane and when returning back to the pits
(g) Flying is only allowed from one of the 4 flight stations and behind the line of the fence


All members will treat other members with respect.

Be careful when running engines or motors in the pits that no one is standing in a danger area.

Don’t walk in front of people that are flying