The Quartzsite Desert Flyers are an AMA Chartered Club # 4612 that enjoys all kinds of Radio Controlled Aircraft.

The Jim Colwell Field is located at

780 N Plymouth Ave Quartzsite AZ 85346

This is at the North end of the Town Park.

We have a 645 X 40 foot paved Main Runway along with a shorter paved Crosswind Runway.



To Join the Flying Club you need to complete and sign a membership application, have valid and current AMA or MAAC Membership. The annual club fee is $10.00 (yes it’s that cheap)


From a Go Pro equipped

Apprentice RC Airplane in




All applicants must hold a current AMA or MAAC approved membership and number.




Link to AMA Application

Link to MAAC Application

Download the PDF Version Here

Please print out and mail your application along with your $10.00 (Cash or Check) payment.

Send to:
Wayne Wilson
Box 3490
Quartzsite, AZ 85359



Upon receiving your application and payment, a confirmation email will be sent to you.
Please note: The field is open for flying year round. However, all club operations are between October 15 and March 31 due to the hot weather during the summer months. All applications submitted after March 15 may not be received until the following October.